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IV Therapy? What is it and how does it work?

The global health and wellness trend has arrived in Seapoint! Here’s everything you need to know about IV therapy


Who doesn’t want healthier skin? How about an instant hangover cure, or getting rid of jet lag ensuring no afternoon goes wasted away in your hotel room? Well, IV Therapy claims to be the latest miracle solution for these issues and many more. 

Celebrities like Adele and Rihanna swear by IV infusions and we’re here to unpack exactly how a 45-minute treatment is going to make you forget you chugged tequila shots till 2am??

IV Therapy

What is IV Therapy? 

‘IV’ stands for ‘intravenous’ which means it is administered through the veins. This is a process by which vitamins, nutrients, fluids, electrolytes and antioxidants are infused directly into the bloodstream using specially formulated IV drips. All those afraid of needles beware! 

What does IV therapy do to your body?

IV Therapy is said to work much faster than the more traditional oral supplements and can provide health benefits that replenish hydration levels, restore vitamin and nutrient balance and refresh your cosmetic appearance. Symptoms related to conditions like a cold, the flu, hangovers, and morning sickness can also be helped using IV therapy.

IV Therapy

How Does IV Therapy work?

Try needles. Basically, IV therapy is a quick and more efficient way of delivering fluid or medication into the bloodstream. A qualified nurse will have to access a vein and secure a needle in place. The vitamin infusion will then be monitored to ensure the rates of vitamins and minerals are administered properly. Bye bye migraine!

While receiving an IV vitamin drip your body is receiving a higher concentration of vitamins. When these same vitamins are taken orally, they have to get broken down in the stomach and digestive tract which in turn limits how much can be absorbed. When you receive an IV infusion, it is absorbed at twice the percentage!

Many different factors can make it difficult for the body to absorb nutrients in the stomach. Factors like age, metabolism, health status, genetics and physical qualities of food or supplements. Thus making IV vitamin infusions beneficial to many people. However, If you love to party, we don’t suggest relying on IV’s as a daily routine. 

So, Why inject vitamins with an IV?

Vitamins and antioxidants are essential for the body to protect itself and are also involved in many metabolic functions. Our bodies can build many antioxidants and vitamins themselves from the elements of our food, however, we do need to eat certain ones, as we don’t have the ability to make them. For example – Vitamin C.

Our bodies were designed approx. 100,000 years ago and have changed little in that time. However, the world we live in has changed. We are surrounded by man-made chemicals, pollution and are more likely to be stressed. All of these things increase the body’s need for extra antioxidants and vitamins, to neutralize the free radical toxins that build up as a consequence to this. Unfortunately, however, our food is getting increasingly more manmade and processed with more chemicals in the way of pesticides and preservatives used than ever before. To add to this, we eat far less raw food than ever before, and cooking massively depletes these essential nutrients from our food.

Given these issues, many of us are looking to supplement with vitamins and antioxidants to help protect our bodies from free radical toxin accumulation that can lead to quicker aging and disease processes. Intravenous supplementation offers a very effective and fast way of nourishing the body with these essential nutrients.

How often should you do IV therapy?

How often you should go for IV therapy will also vary from person to person. In the beginning you might have weekly treatments, especially if you are suffering from a chronically weak immune system. Most will benefit from treatments spaced about two weeks apart once their nutrient levels become stabilized. Your treatment plan will be customized according to you and the results you are looking for.  Once you are connected to the IV drip the treatment will typically take 45 minutes to an hour. When you start to feel the results of IV therapy depends on the type of infusion you are getting. In some cases it might be immediate while others take some time to feel a difference. 

‘Everything in moderation' is a saying we know all too well and so there are some risks involved when getting regular IV therapy. When an IV is inserted, a direct path into your bloodstream is created and bypasses the skin - your body’s first line of defence against infections! It is always important to consult with a licensed medical professional who will manage your risks at the time of therapy.

One can also receive too much of specific minerals or vitamins and this might cause adverse effects. Folks with kidney disease are at risk of a heart attack if their body receives too much potassium too quickly. While certain heart and blood pressure conditions could put you at risk of fluid overload from the infusion. Across the board, excess levels of vitamins and minerals can be hard on the organs and should be avoided.

IV Therapy

Ok, but does IV Therapy really work? 

IV therapy can treat a number of conditions and because of the direct infusion of fluid, it is great for rehydrating the body. If you suffer from headaches and migraines, lethargy and general fatigue, immune deficiency or a sluggish metabolism, IV therapy can help you. The best way to determine if IV therapy can assist you is to run diagnostic screenings and blood tests with a specialist to see if you are deficient in any vitamins.

Due to its recent popularity, there aren’t many studies available that have tested the effectiveness of IV therapy. Despite there being no published evidence that supports the use of this therapy for chronic diseases, many individuals claim that it was beneficial for them. For plenty of people, being able to manage chronic dehydration and healthy skin is a massive boost to their quality of life. 

If you have been considering IV therapy, or you have any questions about the treatment, contact the expert staff at Reviv Medical Center at Point Mall to book your consultation.

Why would you go to professional companies like REVIV for vitamin IV Therapy?

Using a professional company, like REVIV, for intravenous or intramuscular vitamin/antioxidant therapies is the only safe way to undergo such therapy.
Medical safety is paramount in this kind of therapy.

REVIV are the global leaders in IV therapy and they take medical safety extremely seriously. Vigorous medical screening is required before the therapy is prescribed by a certified doctor to ensure that the person is safe to proceed with IV therapy. An initial assessment is performed by a certified medical professional that includes a full examination and a determination of the vital signs. This adds to the evidence that it is safe to proceed.

The therapies themselves have been vigorously tested and undergo an annual research and development cycle to ensure they are dosed correctly to the latest medical evidence. The therapies also undergo laboratory testing. REVIV are the only company to do this. The lab testing analyses the prepared infusion for sterility, pH, endotoxin formation, particulate formation and osmolality. All of these must be safe to ensure the safety of the therapy. Many therapies via other companies/individuals are not tested in this way and therefore safety assurance cannot be completely given.

To add to this REVIV also offer the most comprehensive lifestyle genetic analysis commercially available. At 99.97% accurate and based on thousands of studies the analysis looks at an individual’s micronutrient requirement, based on over 70 different genes that are known to be involved in micronutrient metabolism and absorption. Therefore, we can figure out what nutrients will be beneficial for an individual and whether IV therapy can help improve health outcomes from this analysis.

To date REVIV have completed over 750,000 therapies worldwide. There has been no severe or life-threatening adverse event. There has been no case of anaphylaxis to date also. This is an exemplary safety record and is evidence that this type of therapy can be done in a safe way.

REVIV are constantly engaging with regulatory bodies across the globe to try and improve medical safety and regulation of IV therapy.


IV Therapy