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Kauai Sea Point bringing healthy eating closer to you!



We could not be more excited to have Kauai join the Point Mall family! We are all about health and wellness and we all know that Kauai shares those values with us. The brand-new Kauai Sea Point is open for sit-down, take away and delivery orders. They are trying their best to create a safe and happy environment for both their staff and customers. It is important for everyone to be safe and to eat healthy now more than ever! We need to keep our immune systems strong and healthy! Kauai has implemented various safety standards in their stores to ensure they adhere to government regulations. They have ensured that if you are having your healthy food fix in store for sit down, you feel safe and those around you do as well.

Kauai Sea Point

The Kauai App

If you do not have the Kauai app yet, now is the time! The Kauai app lets you order ahead and pay via the app or you can use the app for contactless payment when you order in store.  The Kauai App also offers delivery for the Point Mall store. You can order your Kauai, and have it delivered to your door.

Heading out of a gym class or getting lunch on the go? Order ahead on the Kauai app and have your health fix ready when you get to the store.

The Kauai app also rewards you for every Kauai purchase with instant cash back and loyalty points. The more loyalty points you have, the higher your tier, the better your rewards!



The Kauai Sea Point store at The Point Mall store is available on both Uber Eats and Mr. D Food so you can have your Kauai delivered to you while you stay safe and stay home.


Keep your healthy distance in store 

Kauai has stickers on the floor to help customers adhere to the 1.5m social distancing rule. Please be sure to keep a safe social distance while waiting in the queue to order.


Contactless COVID-19 screening questionnaire for sit-down customers

To ensure the safety of all customers and staff, a screening questionnaire needs to be filled out by every customer wanting to have their Kauai in-store. Upon entering the store there will be a QR code for you to scan and a questionnaire to fill out. Should there be any COVID-19 cases in a Kauai store we will be able to do proper contact tracing.


Eating in at a safe distance 

Kauai Sea Point has placed tables 1.5m apart for sit-down customers to enjoy their food safely in-store. There are tables with signage on them indicating which ones you are allowed to sit at and which ones they would like to remain empty, please help us by sitting at the designated tables.

Keep sanitizing and wear a mask! 

There are sanitizing stations and bottles around the store. Please always remember to sanitize your hands and keep your mask on when you are not eating in-store. Kauai are taking all the necessary steps to make sure they keep their customers and staff healthy. You can read their COVID-19 policy  that they  practice throughout the business here & a message from their CEO here. App your game:  Download the Kauai app for Android and Apple. 

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